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Photography is my passion!

My love affair with photography developed in 2009. (pun intended) My freshman year of college I was a biology major. As much as I love science, I wanted a more creative career. I took a two year hiatus from college to better determine a new major. One day, while I was watching my beloved Phillies, the camera panned across the dugout. Beside the dugout, I spotted a photographer. It hit me like a bolt of lightning: I should be a sports photographer! It was perfect! I have been a huge sports fan my entire life, why not get paid to watch them?

Since obtaining my degree, I have interned a full season with the Charlotte Knights, the AAA baseball team of the Chicago White Sox. I have also freelanced with Millersville University, Engle Printing and Publishing, KC Sports, KC Crew, and various 5k races.

In 2016, my focus started to shift towards wildlife and landscape photography. My interests in traveling, nature documentaries, and conservation can all be credited with the shift. My experience in sports photography has aided in building my wildlife photography skills. While my primary focus has changed, I very rarely turn down an opportunity to dip my toes in the sports end of the photography pool!

I chose some of my absolute favorite photographs to showcase and sell. I hope you love them as much as I do! Just click on a photograph to see more!

All of the wildlife, landscape, and duck photographs are available to purchase. Please check out my shop to purchase any must-have prints!

I currently have a shoulder injury and unfortunately am not available to hire for photography jobs at the moment.







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