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Painting is quickly growing into another passion of mine.

My love for painting flourished during the pandemic. I found myself with so much free time, so I decided to give painting a try. I have always been super critical of myself when it comes to drawing, but I never had the time to work in my drawing skills until 2020.

I am loving painting a lot! The experimentation is so fun! Sometimes my ideas work, but sometimes they fail spectacularly. Even when my ideas fail, I always learn from the attempt. My successes make me feel creatively fulfilled in a way I never thought possible.

With each painting, my skills improve. I still do not draw or paint people well, but I have become quite proficient when painting animals, landscapes, animated characters, and galaxies! My blending skills have also greatly improved. I use to dread attempting to paint sunsets, but now they are one of my favorite painting subjects!

All of my paintings are acrylic on canvas board. I have become obsessed with metallic acrylics, so most of my paintings use that type of paint. I love how the metallic acrylics pop!

I chose my favorite paintings that showcase my skills. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Please check out my shop for all available acrylic paintings for sale. You may also commission your very own Erica Caldwell Art original painting once my shoulder is healthy again. They make fantastic gifts, and can be personalized for the loved ones in your life...or yourself!

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